His little 'Peek-A-Boo' is too cute.

Every pet parent (And human parent, for that matter) knows no matter how much money you spend on toys there's nothing better than the box the toy comes in. Take the TikTok account for @Cockatooharley who loves nothing more than using his bird-architect skills to transform a simple cardboard box into the plaything of his dreams. Carton Box Printing

Rescue Cockatoo

Watch the following video to see this cute cockatoo play peek-a-boo. He's too adorable.

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TikTok users cannot get enough of Harley and @SusanJohnson comments, "Awww, playing peek-a-boo! Harley is beyond precious!" @Ladi adds what every pet parent knows and says "Three grand in toys and it's the cardboard box." @nancyRodriguez replies "He's sharpened his beak. And made a sweet condo!" @Iloveparrots says, "Yes, they love cardboard boxes. I have a blue and gold that also creates cardboard bird structures."

If you are wondering if paper and cardboard can be dangerous to birds, the answer is basically no. According to, If paper ingestion was a big problem among pet birds, we would see thousands of cases reported in veterinary literature, because paper is commonly found in the environment of many pet birds. For example, many cages and play gyms are lined with newspaper, butcher paper, paper towels or shredded paper.

If you allow your bird to go all Zaha Hadid on your empty Amazon boxes, just make sure they aren't eating too much cardboard and remove any areas of the box that have adhesive on them. Then your pretty bird can play all they want!

Rescue Cockatoo

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